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제목 Notice about Woojin's 'New Area' products 2020-09-16 12:20:05

Dear customers, this is Presented Store.
We’re sorry that there are still undelivered ‘New Area’ products. In most cases, the following is the reason:

  1. Your package has not been received to the shipping company in Korea, since your address is in currently a non-deliverable area due to the COVID-19.
  2. Your package has been delivered to your country, However, your package was destroyed locally because the local shipping company refused to ship it. The reason why the product was destroyed is that the return shipping fee is more expensive than the product price.

Regarding the case 1 above, we’re checking the shipping availability every week and pushing out your packages if we found your location is added to the shipping available area.
Regarding the case 2 above, we are re-producing your products since we only produced the product as much as the order quantity. So, it’ll take more time to get your package.

Since we cannot sure when your package will be delivered successfully, we decided to get your refund request under the conditions below:

  1. You can ask for a refund only if you couldn’t get your product.
  2. If your product once shipped even though you couldn’t get your product, we’ll first review the delivery status. If there was any mistake by the customer, the refund request may not be accepted or partially accepted.

If you want to ask us for a refund, please contact us via [My order] page or via [Customer center].

We’re very sorry that we cannot answer all of your inquiries since we’re operating with minimum resources due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Thank you for your patient.

Best regards, 
Presented Store Team


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이전 Presented LIVE is not available in China and Indonesia. 2020-08-14 21:31:02
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