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제목 Regarding delays on ZELO USB and change of shipping method 2020-06-10 17:52:32

Dear Fans of ZELO

We are very sorry about the delay regarding the ZELO USB’s delivery

Due to COVID-19, all regular shipping going out to other countries is prohibited. 

As the current situation takes longer to be solved, an alternative solution to this problem is to change your shipping method to EMS. 

All ZELO USBs are produced and ready to be shipped.

If you wish to keep the current delivery method (regular K-packet) or if you already have changed the shipping method, please disregard this notice.

Following countries are available for EMS shipping (Even with EMS, it takes longer than expected)

Germany, USA(Region Restriction), UK, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Luxembourg, Bhutan, Japan(Regional Restriction), France, Malaysia, Slovenia China, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong 

Please the following links to change your shipping method to EMS.

1 package:
2 packages:
3 packages:

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이전 Browser support / 웹브라우저 지원 관련 / ウェブブラウザ支援関連 2020-06-03 10:41:56
다음 언어 설정 변경법 / Changing the language settings 2020-06-22 20:08:46



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